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A small selection of my work

Please contact me if you wish to buy any of my work or commission me to make anything

ash with iridescent painted rim
Natural edge Yew bowl with bronzed rim
nebula 357
oak, stained rim
sandblasted redwood, detail
redwood, sandblasted, bleached and pickl
hollow form in spalted beech
Nebula 19
Nebula 14
Beech, gesso and acrylic paint
sycamore, gesso, acrylic paints
spalted beech, gesso, spirit stain
mahogany dish
yew natural edge
spalted beech
texture natural edge burr elm
burr elm
burr elm
textured london plane platter
textured stained ash
Ash collaboration
ash platter
spalted beech
ash platter
spalted beech vase
burr elm
mica 1
fluted cherry
detail, wall sculpture
jarrah burr, multi centred turning
burr poplar
textured coloured ash
sycamore hollow form, acrlic paint
sycamore hollow form, spirit stain
burr elm
textured coloured ash platter
burr chestnut in burr chestut
textured coloured ash vase
ash vases, spirit stain
preparing blanks
jarrah burr finial box
burr ash
coloured hollow form in sycamore
rippled ash spirit stains
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